Advanced Add-Ons Development

More and more web applications empower their users by giving them access to browser add-ons and toolbars that:

  • interact with the services they offer
  • enhance the end-user experience
  • add value to their business

You don't have to be Google,, StumbleUpon [...] to leverage the power of browser add-ons.

With CoreServices, get the ball rolling now!

IEforge is home to the award winning Inline Search


6 years of experience and expertise developing add-ons and toolbars for Internet Explorer aka IE. An award granted by Microsoft in March 2007 for the best add-on for IE7.

An opportunity for web applications and web services providers to increase the stickiness of their product by empowering their users with tools integrated directly in their browser(s).


There is a lot more to IE than just being the browser no self respecting Alpha Geek wants on its desktop. Some of our peers have developed new browsers around IE, our choice is to integrate new functionalities into the legacy browser. Nobody can ignore a 500 million user base.


We are not IE zealots, Firefox fanboys or Opera inconditionals but just developers who know that enhancing IE users browsing experience is possible and think it is an exciting challenge. We have been doing so independently since 2001 and joined our efforts in 2014.